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Anthony Chow, President and Chief Executive Officer

As Chairman of Jadepear Investment Ltd., Anthony Chow has spent the past year researching North
America Internet business models to familiarize
himself with the western e-commerce and IT culture
and the mindset of the Western business world.

Chow has held several senior management positions with both investment and manufacturing firms, the most recent being Vice President of Waistech Electronics (HK) and President of Polymer
Plastic Manufacturing (China). Mr. Chow possesses significant leadership and management
skills and the ability to lead this project into and out of China.

William Lee, CA Chief Financial Officer and Director

Mr. Lee age 47, a chartered accountant, is the Chief Financial Officer and a director of IMA Exploration Inc., a company listed on the Exchange. Mr. Lee is also a director of a public
company listed on the Exchange (Hilton Petroleum Ltd.). Mr. Lee was a director of Stanford Energy Corp, from March 1998 to March 1999, and was the Chief Financial Officer of
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corp, from July 1992 to November 1994 (both companies
formerly listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange).

Len Goossen CGA, Controller and Director

Mr. Goossen was President of Colebeck Enterprises Ltd., and acted as their C.F.O and
controller. The company specialized in the financial and service industry. His versatile and
extensive background includes dealing with budgets in excess of $30 million from working
with schools such as the University of British Columbia to consulting Franchise giants such
as Puckmasters Ltd., an International Hockey Training Franchise. This allowed Mr. Goossen
to effectively manage all financial aspects of the companies including financing, distribution,
cash flow management and listing requirements for public companies. Mr. Goossen has over
20 years experience in both the private and public accounting field. He was appointed D
irector of International Franchise Operations, and as an external auditor for franchises.
Mr. Goossen's strong entrepreneurial drive will assist in directing the financial and
operational efforts of CEO to form a financially stable Public Corporation.

Anthony W.Y. Lee, Chief Operations Officer and Director (removed)

Mr. Lee has been removed from Waistech International Inc. board of director on April 11th, 2002, and has been terminated from Waistech International Inc. on July 13th, 2002. His is no longer represents Waistech International Inc. 

Mr. Lance Morginn Chief Information Officer and Director

Mr. Morginn was Vice President of Medianet Inc.
He also founded Planet City Graphics, a
Vancouver based web development company in
April 1996. Under Lance's guidance, Planet City received worldwide recognition from leading
software companies and grossed over 1.5 million dollars in revenues in just two years. As a tie-in to Planet City Graphics,
Lance also initiated a portal production project, which attracted a large pool of investment fund. Other projects included the

production of a leading North American Y2K software package capable of physically
updating a computer's CPU. In September 1998, a merger between Planet City Graphics and Western Shores, a Vancouver based direct response and database marketing agency, resulted
 in the joint venture of MediaNet Solutions. Acting as the VP of New Media for MediaNet,
Lance is responsible for defining new business opportunities and providing strategic direction to help position the company for growth. Lance holds a degree from the Vancouver Film school
multi-media program. He is trained in various multi-media computer programs used
specifically for the Film and Video and Internet industry.


Board of Advisors (North America)

Mr. Ivan Solomon

Mr. Soloman is President of the Internet design and marketing firm Creative Thinkers has developed concepts and marketing strategies for the past 30 years worldwide. His considerable experience includes the successful development, branding and marketing a range consumer product from Board Games to Cosmetic Product Lines.
Mr. Solomon adds to these experience relationships with such giants as Coleco, Milton
Bradley, Weyerhauser, Paramount and Universal Pictures. Mr. Soloman is also founder
and is the genius behind the children's portal (rated #4 from
Also the co-founder of Geko Model and Filmworks creating hand props and special effects
for the X-Files, Stargate, Mantis and other feature film and television.


Mr. Neil Wieler

Mr. Wieler is Vice President of Technology Development for Optica

Communications, Inc. He has more than 30 years of experience in the computer and
telecom industries, including responsibility for operation and expansion of a large voice
and data network for the Insurance Corporation of BC. Prior to joining Optica, Mr. Wieler
held a technical sales role with Sprint Canada, 3Com Corporation and Marconi
Communications, formerly FORE Systems. He has an extensive background in all
phases of communications including ATM, voice

data integration, as well as experience in project management.


Mr. Scott R. Opp

Mr. Opp is Chief Technical Officer of WS-I Inc. Mr. Opp founded, owned and operated PC Resources for Multimedia, a business computing resource for new emerging technologies,
hardware and software purchasing, network design consulting and implementation. Prior to PCResources for multimedia, Mr. Opp also owned and operated NIB Multimedia Resources, which specialized in computer sales and service, network design and implementation.
Mr. Opp served as a purchaser and replacement specialist for Canada's largest Insurance Replacement firm where he honed both his evaluation and purchasing skills, as well as
learned to developed relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers. Mr. Opp has
seven years of corporate and

consumer sales experience with two of Canada's leading retailers, 5 years
experience in management, where he was responsible for training managers and sales
associates, and holds several Management and Sales certificates. For over 19 years
Mr. Opp's major love and hobby has always been the computer hardware industry.
He is a self taught Network Specialist who has built, serviced, administrated and
maintained ISP, Intranet, WAN, and LAN Network Topologies. He is well versed i
n all the Windows Operating Systems; Linux Operating systems and some experience
using Open BSD and other Uni x based systems.

Waistech Management Team (China) 


Mr. Wang Shao Yun – Senior VP of Promotions

As the Deputy Director of Chief Editors Office for Beijing TV, Film and Radio, Mr. Yun
will serve as the Chinese VP of Promotions and liaison for Waistech China and the Chinese Government. He has served as a high official in the Communist Party, lived and studied in
Europe, and has a Masters Degree from the London School of Economics.


Mr. Magnus Jacobson – VP- Investor Relations

Previously a Senior Manager, International Division of China Securities, Mr. Jacobson has renegotiated his contract to initially distribute his time equally with China Securities and Waistech China. Prior to his position with China Securities Mr. Jacobson held a senior position with one of Europe's largest trading firms.


Mr. Peter Mui –VP Import / Export

Former General Manager of a large Swedish Exporting Company, Mr. Mui will serve as VP
of Import / Export and Logistical Services for Waistech. Mr. Mui is a Honk Kong native
currently living in Beijing, he has over 20 years managing import /export and logistical
operations in and out of China.


Mr. Adam Li – Senior VP of Marketing

Mr. Li was formerly the Business Development Manager for Platinum China, an accounting software developer and distribution company-targeting medium –large sized companies marketing mainly in China. Mr. Li was also employed by Dunn & Bradstreet in a Senior Management position in Human Resources and will be joining Waistech as Senior VP of Marketing.


Mr. Peter Shi – VP of Technical Services

Mr. Shi is the founder and President of Shanghai Seeline Science and Technology Company.
Mr. Shi has a degree in Business Management from Shanghai Industry University and has
over 10 years experience in Import / Export and shipping industry. With years of Technical experience Mr. Shi will become VP of Technical Services for Waistech China. 


Ms. Caroline Huang (MBA) – VP Finance

Caroline has an MBA from Washington State University and an English degree from Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Ms. Huang has worked in the banking industry in New York,
USA for two years then returned to China and continued in banking for the past four years.
With her extensive education and experience in Finance Ms. Huang will be a welcomed
member of the Waistech Team.


Ms. Cherry Cao – Manager Business Development

For years Ms. Cao held the position of Event Coordinator for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Through her many business associates and contacts Ms. Cao will bring to Waistech her knowledge and relations in the Chinese and Foreign business community. 

1.1.1. Board of Advisers (China Team)

Yang Dung Xiu, Director of Multimedia and Internet Division, Department of MOFTEC

Wang Zhen Gang, Department Chief of News Department of MOFTEC

Shi Yong Hai, Director of International Trade Institute of MOFTEC

Hu Jing Yan, Management Department of MOFTEC

Gou Lian Po , Director of China Society of Strategy  & Management Research

Li Tei Ying, Director of State Commission for Restructuring the Economy

Gao Shang Quan , Director of State Commission of Restructuring the Economy

Wu Jei, Vice Director of State Commission for Restructuring the Economy. An honorable Professor of Beijing University and Shanghai Fu Dan University

Tang Xin, Director of Information Center of Agriculture Ministry

Zhao Re Lie, Director of Economic and Commercial Research Centre of State Internal
Trade Bureau

Xie Jia Jin (Madam) Director of State Civil Ministry

Wang Bo Ming, Director of China Securities Marketing Research and Development
Center of China Securities Regulatory Commission

Li Yong Hai , Vice Director of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Ma Lin, Depart Chief of State Bureau of Technology Supervision

Jiang Hong , Director of Finance Research Office of People's Bank of China

Huang Shong Yang, Director of International Cooperation Department of State Finance

Zhu Guang Xian, Director of Information Center of State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC)

Zhang Jiun, Officer of Research Department of Judiciary Ministry

Kong De Han, Vice Director of Technology Development Center of China and Technology Committee

1.1.2. Future Management Considerations

The directors and executive management team recognize the need to employ experienced professionals in the telecommunications and computer industries, and will recruit those who
have a proven record of success in senior management. These managers will take over key
strategic positions in the organization. These individuals will provide a strong vision of the
Internet market and will reinforce Waistech's business strategy.

Future senior management will be selected for the purposes of keeping investors informed
of the Company's activities, and for more junior management to gain knowledge and support
 from VCs' previous experience in the Internet and telecommunications industries.

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