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Waistech's Partners

The following is a summary listing of ChinaE's strategic partners:

MOFTEC (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation)

Ministry of Information Industry

            Other Partners and Alliances

          • Beijing Law Firm (Beijing, China)
          • Beijing Telecom
          • Building Materials Bureau
          • China Clothing Association
          • China Economy Association of Domestic Trade Bureau
          • China Insurance Regulatory Commission
          • China Securities Regulatory Commission
          • China Society of Strategy and Management Research
          • Civil Ministry
          • Customs General Administration
          • Finance Committee of State Council
          • Information Center of Agriculture Ministry
          • Information Center of China Commercial Association
          • Information Center of Light Bureau
          • Information Center of the State Council for Restructuring Economic System
          • Information Center of Weave Industry Bureau
          • Johnson Stocks and Master
          • Ministry of Finance of China
          • Ministry of Information & Industry
          • Ministry of Justice
          • MOFTEC (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation)
          • People's Bank of China


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