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Internet Call Center

Q. What does the ICC do?

A.) CentreVu Internet Solutions does the following:

CentreVu Internet Solutions (CVuIS) is a complete and reliable solution, making use of Internet capabilities based on industry standards: "click-to-talk" functionality via voice over IP, "text chat," escorted browsing, click-to-callback, eMail response management, and fax handling. CVuIS integrates these advanced technologies and support mechanisms with existing business capabilities, resources, and goals to create a universal contact center —a state-of-the-art tool for delivering top-notch customer service in real time and with maximum cost-efficiency—generating greater revenue for the business bottom line. 

CentreVu Internet Solutions are supported by proven, industry leading contact center technology from Avaya including the DEFINITY
Enterprise Communications Server (ECS)
featuring Call Vectoring, Expert Agent Selection,
and Computer Telephony Integration. As the leader in contact center applications and with our heritage of Bell Laboratories innovations, Avaya is
uniquely qualified to provide technologies that
utilize evolving standards-based capabilities,
reliable provisioning and implementation,
and comprehensive services and long-term support.


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