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Application Service Provider

Waistech Internet Data Center's Application Management services is a suite of
services that provide for the installation and ongoing support of your applications located within the IDC. Applications can be located on either your stand-alone server infrastructure or within Waistech Internet Data Center's shared hosting infrastructure. Waistech Internet Data Center supports a number of applications including all of Open Market's commerce and content products, Netscape web server and application server products, custom developed applications by Waistech Internet Data Center and IBM application server products.

Professional Services

Through Waistech Internet Data Center's consulting and IT services divisions, a complete set of professional services is available to assist you in architecture planning and design, selection, and integration of applications to ensure robustness and scalability.


Through our operational services division Waistech Internet Data Center will install and configure your applications and perform testing of functionality and inter-working. A project manager prime will be assigned to work with you throughout this implementation phase. Final acceptance tests will be performed with you, and upon satisfactory results the applications will be turned into service.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

On a 24x7 basis Waistech Internet Data Center will monitor and perform daily tasks to ensure ongoing operation of your applications.


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