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Our content filter specializes in the new generation of Internet
filtering products. Waistech has become a world leader due to
its totally different approach. Our filtering system is content-based,
not word-based, which differentiates us from the dated products on
the market. Our system requires no software or hardware
installation on the workstations. It filters sites deemed illegal,
offensive, non-productive, or contrary to school or work related
activities, with approximately 99% accuracy. The filtered material
never enters the classrooms, libraries, offices, or households and
therefore cannot be hacked to gain access. It eliminates staff
monitoring responsibilities and frees them from undesirable tasks.

  The Waistech filtering system supports multiple languages,
  including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,
  Hindu and Mandarin. Waistech uses a global filtering selection
  for all its clients. Each Internet Content Server is updated
  automatically, every day, therefore requiring no user intervention.
  All administrative tasks and maintenance of each server are
handled from our NOC (Network Operations Centre) in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Our
content filter ranks in the top two in the world.

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