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Wireless Broadband Conduits for Telecommunications

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This is a business plan.  It does not imply an offering of Securities.

The Opportunity

The absence of High Speed Bandwidth service (above 384 Kbps) to the Residential  and Industrial areas surrounding the cities of China is a serious impediment to many of the multitude of residents and corporations located there.  Offering a wide variety of products and services to a diverse customer base, these corporations share a strong commonality in their wide use of computers, internal networks and the Internet.  Many firms have a long history of communication data between their locations and have found the Internet has introduced new options for network flexibility, speed and economy.  Further, the use of e-commerce, e-mail, order entry, electronic customer care, web sites, etc. has increased on an exponential basis over the last few years, providing the users with improved services and information resources highly important to their businesses.  As the demand for these electronic tools has grown, so has the need for High Speed Bandwidth for their delivery.


The major telephone companies such as China Telecom and China Unicom have begun to focus their resources on developing an efficient fibre optic backbone for High Speed Bandwidth Transmission between major centres and providing technical infrastructure.  Similar to the development of gas pipeline and railway systems, to hundreds of communities, many Industrial and residential areas, do not lie on the primary transmission routes and must therefore wait for the establishment of a feeder system before they can obtain service. Operating with no Internet connection at all and some with speeds as low as 56 Kbps and lower, corporations are losing 30% or more in daily productivity by not fully utilizing the Internet and its significant resources, resulting in serious loss of opportunity and valuable time.  The need for High Speed Bandwidth Service is immediate and since there are no plans by the major telephone companies to provide such service to the majority of the targeted residential and industrial areas for at least 3 - 5 years, an immediate opportunity has been established for Waistech Wireless World to deliver the required service and in so doing, to secure an incredibly valuable client base.


The Solution

A simple description for Waistech Wireless World 's primary business is that of a CONDUIT for the transmission of High Speed Bandwidth Service from the fibre optic backbone provided by the major telephone companies to the Customers' premises in the targeted Residential & Industrial areas. Waistech Wireless World' will initially provide this service on a wireless basis and has identified and secured efficient wireless technology capable of transmitting High Speed Bandwidth up to 22 Mbps.  However, the Company's principals are conscious that the one constant in today's technology world is "Change".  The Company is constantly monitoring advances in bandwidth transmission technology, supplementing or updating the initial wireless installations as warranted.

The Project

Waistech Wireless World intends to establish itself as the leader in delivering High Speed Band and related services to the under-served Residential and Industrial areas of China,  By achieving immediately a client base of an initial 1 million users to a minimum of 10 million users at a monthly rate of $20/ US per month, which will equate to a staggering annual revenue of nearly  $2. Billion US in Beijing and surrounding areas alone.  By adopting a strategy of 1 to 20 year contracts and providing exemplary customer service, the Company will develop a solid long-term client base that will provide the opportunity for future income enhancement through the delivery of voice or other value added services via Waistech Wireless World 's Bandwidth CONDUIT.

The Waistech Wireless World Advantage|

Waistech Wireless World partnered with three of the largest Ministries in China, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic  Cooperation (MOFTEC), Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Information Industry (MII) which controls China Telecom and in consequence, the Company has the high-level access required to build the confidence that it will be offering a service complementary to, rather than in competition with them. This has allowed Waistech Wireless World to negotiate the working relationships that will result in the Company's services becoming a de facto extension of their Landline services currently provided by the major telephone companies.  This greatly adds to the credibility of Waistech Wireless World in the marketplace and to its ability to grow and expand.

Waistech Link Series Products

Waistech Link wireless products, based on worldwide standards for communication and telecommunication, enables the microwave connection of the future: universal, multifunctional, flexible, adaptable and through Waistech Man, capable of remote management.

Waistech Link L 100 Series

    Is designed to provide a simple microwave connection of two Local Area Networks (LAN). Using Waistech Link L, simple bridging between two networks, separated by miles, can easily be achieved making the Waistech Link L an ideal solution for bridging multiple LANs across multiple buildings.


Waistech Link R 200 Series

    - Is a wireless bridge for interconnecting two other wireless stations that cannot achieve an adequate direct line of sight. The Waistech R 200 provides a seamless repeater function to work around obstacles between two network locations or to extend the range of wireless networks up to 60 miles.


Waistech Link W 400 & 600 Series

    - Is a wireless or wired router for interconnecting one or more LAN networks with a WAN. The Waistech Link W 400/600 is additionally designed to accommodate typical LAN/WAN connection interfaces that utilize X.21 or V.35 and G.703 formats typically used in connections to high-speed optic networks, ATM, SDH or PDH.
    - A configurable device functioning as bridge, router, switch and multiplexer integrated into one product that offers to ISPs their most wanted functionalities:

  • Bridging…
  • IP Routing…
  • Traffic Shaping…
  • Data Security…
  • Support for automated billing and customer care support…
  • The Waistech Link W 400 is designed for wireless network connection (base unit includes one wireless interface).


    The Waistech Link W 600 is designed for use in LAN and WAN wired networks (where a wireless interface is only an option).



Waistech Link V 800 Series

    - Is a wired or wireless router that offers all of the functionalities of the Link W Series plus the inclusion of analog phone lines to its list of manageable interfaces.

    Waistech Link V 800 Series is the most scalable device that allows interconnectivity between LAN/LAN, LAN/WAN and WAN/WAN networks plus PBX or phone lines analogue voice transmissions.


 Common Features

  • Completely customizable configurations
  • Easily modifiable to upgrade speeds or capabilities
  • Easily upgraded to comply with future standards
  • Easily replace existing, non-standard wireless connections
  • Able to support wireless speeds up to 11 Mbps with point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections

 Typical Implementations

Typical business solutions afforded by the Waistech Link include LAN network connections, computer network connections to switchboards and synchronous connection of data lines. The Waistech Link is ideally suited for businesses that offer data services in the area of information technologies. Typical users for which the Waistech Link is designed include providers of Internet Services, operators of alternative telecommunication services and administrators of corporate networks.

The Waistech Link can manage network bridging and routing as well as multiplexing and switching various interface types, thereby eliminating the need (and therefore the cost…) for these additional network devices. Its power and flexibility enables it to be used as ready solutions for remote ATM network connectivity by operating as an intelligent connector between large optical networks and the many private networks that need to access the global network. Operating as a last step between large optical networks and users located beyond direct access to a network, the Waistech Link becomes a key component in very competitively priced solutions for the connection of remote users of ATM networks.

Moreover, coupled with Waistech Man and other helpful network management software, the Waistech Link more than solves those "last mile" network connectivity problems with an excellent price to performance ratio.

Technical Data

Wireless Waistech Link products take full advantage of the ISM (Industry, Science, Medical) in the range of 2400 - 2483.5 MHz. The specified use of this wavelength is free of charge when operated as regulated in the USA and Canada and in most other countries.

Wireless Waistech Links comply with the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless Ethernet at 1 and 2 Mbps and with the proposed new IEEE 802.11b standard for high-speed wireless communications at 5.5 Mbps and 11 Mbps.

Standard available wired interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet, Frame Relay, X.21 and V.35. And with the Waistech Link's multiplexing attribute, all of these interfaces can be independently and simultaneously managed.


Waistech Wireless World is in a strong position to take advantage of a major opportunity to secure long-term business by providing a much-needed service to the under-served areas of China.

The Company has chosen ideal initial technology for its enterprise and secured the support of its technology suppliers, together with support of major telephone companies for which it will act as a feeder service.

Development of Waistech Wireless World''s services has commenced in China with a sales and marketing strategy that is straightforward and relatively easy to implement. The Company is poised for rapid market expansion across China.

The foregoing factors combine to provide a dynamic business strategy that should result in tremendous capital growth as illustrated in the chart below.


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